"We really want to applaud your efforts to provide a positive and supportive experience for all dancers. The charm bracelets were a big hit and something different from other comps. The teachers have remarked on the sound quality of the adjudications and appreciate that it is easy to understand the judge’s comments. Most of all thank you for making it about dance and the dancers, not just winning and losing! We all thoroughly enjoyed it…your competition was perfect to end our year with!"
Cathy, Burford Dancers


"We had a fantastic time and felt that you did an amazing job making everyone feel welcome and keeping organized! We thought that the charm bracelets were exceptionally beautiful and creative! We weren’t expecting such an elaborate diamond bracelet or such cute charms! The girls, the siblings, and the parents/audience all had a great time this weekend! En Pointe and Just Dance is a really special competition! We love the enthusiasm and had a blast in Orillia!"
Miss Jennie & Miss Kate, Miss Jennie’s Performing Arts Studio


"I really liked the atmosphere that you created for the competition/dancers and how the judges also offered constructive criticism to the dancers as well. The charm bracelets were a great idea too, in my opinion…something the dancers can wear and use versus a trophy that just sits somewhere…very clever idea. I was just so impressed by the whole thing!"
Cassandra Fox, Guest Artist


"We all had a wonderful time at your competition! The parents were
remarking that it was very organized and well run. We found the staff and other schools to be very friendly and helpful. We also felt the judging was fair, across the board. We loved how the ballet competition was separate, and my girls enjoyed the ballet workshop very much!
Thank you for providing such a positive experience for my students!"
Angela Maracle


"Thanks again for a great weekend. Our students, as well as our staff, had fun. It is always a pleasure to attend."
Jane Elliot, Ballet Etc.


"My daughter says the charm bracelets are ‘way cool’, and was very excited about her buddy."
Parent, Stars Academy


"Parents and dancers really enjoyed the weekend. The dancers liked the bracelets as they were different. Everyone liked the statues/trophies."
Donna Bailey, Dance Steps


"We had a GREAT time this past weekend. The kids loved it, parents loved it, and staff loved it! We hope to be back next year!"
Megan Seaman, Onstage Dance


"(We) enjoyed the happy atmosphere! Very uplifting and boosting!"
Parent, Classical Dance Conservatory


"En Pointe & Just Dance is one of the most organized competitions that we have ever been to and our students love it!"
Vanessa & The Burlington Dance Company


"Thank you for a wonderful event, as always. It is always such a classy, entertaining and efficient experience. Our students and parents have such positive attitudes while at En Pointe and they hold it in very high esteem. Thank you for recognizing ballet as a classic art form and thank you for your hard work and commitment.
Excellent studios, teachers, students, technique, judges, classes and organizers!"
Tara Roberts
Ontario School of Ballet and Related Arts


"Just wanted to let you know I listened to all the judge’s comments for my kids and thought they were excellent! Very very clear, technical and lots on their adjudications. Both negative and positive. Loved them…These adjudications gave all the kids the necessary tools to be able to work on something and achieve more next time.
Thank you"
IN MOTION School of the Performing Arts